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I started life as a secondary school art and design teacher and later became a freelance artist. I am also a Yoga and Ayurveda Therapist and I find that when I paint, it completely absorbs me, much like a meditation. With a passion for dogs and other animals I totally immerse myself in the whatever I am painting and enjoy bringing my subject matter to life. I enjoy limiting my palette to the primary colours; using two particular reds, yellows and blues to create all the colours I need for a painting. I love the harmonious effect and the lovely watercolour 'feel' that this achieves.

I tend to use mixed media these days to achieve the illustrative look I'm aiming for. I have always been able to achieve a good likeness, but I want more than that now. I expect my pictures to have individual character and by mixing up watercolour, pastels and acrylics, I find I can bring something more to an image than merely a photographic likeness. 

I can reproduce anything that you like; pets, people, places and anything else that is dear to you and that you would like to capture for your own enjoyment or perhaps give as a gift to someone you love.

Each picture that I paint will be accompanied by a digital image that you can reproduce as you wish. Previous customers have used their images to promote their business and as personal greetings cards.

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